The transition to the Retina is completed on Apple computers… laptops

By removing today the old MacBook Air to its catalog, after many years of good and loyal services, Apple completes the transition to the Retina on its notebooks.

The MacBook Air Retina and the old MacBook Air, which today has taken a well-deserved retirement.

A transition that has started in June 2012 with the 15“MacBook Pro, and that will be continued in October of the same year with the MacBook Pro 13”, and then in 2015 with the MacBook 12″ and finally in 2018 with the all-new MacBook Air, which is now the new portable entry — at a rate still not as low as its predecessor.

Seven years will have passed between the appearance of the first portable Retina and a range that consists entirely of screens with very high resolution. The transition to the Retina was much faster on iOS devices : in the last four years, from 2010 and the release of the iPhone 4, to 2014, and the withdrawal of the iPad 2, the case had been bent.

It is not totally finished on the Mac. TheiMac, a 21.5″ entry-level (1 299 €) due to the resistance with its display 1 920 x 1, 080 — and its hard drive 5 400 rpm, but the iMac with Retina 4K (1 499 €) share the same tare.

There is no doubt that this iMac 21,5″ Full HD will eventually disappear, but when ? Apple modernized it a little bit in 2017, giving it a more modern processor and Thunderbolt ports 3, it had not been for the old MacBook Air (it had only been entitled to 200 MHz of spectrum in the same year).

MacBook Air Retina and old MacBook Air

In addition, to remove this old iMac would Apple make a more affordable iMac with Retina 4K, which starts at 1 499 € now. A reduction of 100 €, as in the MacBook Air, Retina today, would probably not make it the new entry-level all-in-one. In short, the iMac Full HD might stay in the catalogue for several more months, at least.

Apple has not waited for the entirety of its computers or Retina to give. macOS Mojave has introduced a change in the font display, which improves rendering on Retina displays, but reduces the readability on the other monitors.

Beyond the Retina, all the Mac laptops are now equipped with a chip T2, and a Touch sensor ID, when they don’t have in addition to a Touch Bar. The Mac laptop and modern, is widespread. Just have to remove this keyboard butterfly cursed.