The Youtubeur French the most popular is not the one you think

When we think of each other the most popular French, the two names we naturally come to mind, among Squeezie et Cyprien who is fighting for the throne of the top of their 13.2 million subscribers respectively. However, the YouTube channel of French the most popular, with over 20 million subscribers, and it is none other than… David Guetta.

Source : @YouTube

If the famous French DJ is ranked number one, this is because music plays a vital role on YouTube, with nearly 76 million views daily on music videos in France. Nearly 75% of the views in the Hex that will come from artists French, such as NLP and its clip to The DD, which has recorded nearly 8 million views in just 24 hours, according to figures released on the occasion of the YouTube Festival in Paris.

But on YouTube, it’s not the music, quite the contrary. Of humor to the kitchen, passing by the extension, during the YouTube Festival, Justine Ryst, director of partnerships for Southern Europe, has hailed a ” cultural exception ” French “ counting no fewer than 300 French channels have passed one million subscribers. In 2014, they were only at number 10. By way of comparison, the channels have passed one million subscribers in the United Kingdom are only a 410, even when the English language is an advantage in terms of audience. Situation more eloquent, Germany, or only 150 chains have passed this course.

Overall, the YouTube Festival has highlighted an abrupt acceleration of the development of YouTube, so that the time spent on those 300 channels millionaires corresponds to the double of the time of the hearing world during the last football world cup. Other figures particularly eloquent : 46 million unique visitors per month in France, and over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute on the platform at the global level.

YouTube today seems to party and conquer still a good time on the realm of video, burying slowly the tv, where the platform can find its nuggets. Today, some of each other are in fact the opposite journey, from tv to YouTube, as the chain The workshop of Roxane, whose creator, present at the YouTube Festival, began his career in ” The best pastry chef of France “, before launching his chain, which today has more than 2.7 million subscribers. Bilal Hassani, also present, mostly known with her YouTube channel, although it is first passed into the télécrochet The Voice Kids.