Tina Kunakey in a bikini : after childbirth, it shows this silhouette of a dream

Tina Kunakey is the proud mother of a small Amazon, born on the 19th of April 2019. Less than three months after his birth, the sublime model of the 22-year-old has already found his dream body. On Instagram, the companion of Vincent Cassel has unveiled his plastic-perfect and muscled, posing in a bathing suit to the side of his friend Victor Santiago, a fashion photographer.

In blue bikini night, Tina Kunakey showed off her slender legs and shapely, as well as abdominal in concrete. Evidence that this photo has not been doctored, or performed before her pregnancy, the young mother published a video of herself in front of the same mirror, with the same body to fall to the ground. “Wait, a baby is out of there ?“, “You’ve just given birth !“, “What a body ! The work, it pays“, rejoice the fans of the top model in the comments section. “What are these two guns ?!“, even ecstatic, Vincent Cassel.