Tinie Tempah married : the rapper got married to his girlfriend, Raye

Happy news about Tinie Tempah ! The british singer has married his girlfriend in a ceremony which was held in the utmost discretion. The event took place in a small town, near a kindergarten, and has aroused the curiosity of local…

Tinie Tempah and his wife, Raye, were married on Thursday, 4 July 2019 at the church of St Peters at Cirencester, in the county of Gloucestershire, England. A nursery school is located just outside of the chapel where the couple is united. The director of the institution, Lisa Mckie, has had the chance to meet the spouse happy.

Tinie Tempah asked him if he could use the toilet in the school, moments before the arrival of his wife. The latter was thus able to put her wedding dress and perfume to the shelter of the glances, all in an electric atmosphere. Raye was angelic for its progress to the altar, where the waited for her husband, rapper and model, ultrachic in a white tuxedo.