Tip : to change the source of the “flash info” of the HomePod

“Tell Siri, what are the news ? “ Susurrez this phrase to the microphone of your HomePod, and it will broadcast the last news bulletin of Franceinfo. And if you don’t like the public service information ? Siri also supports BFM, RTLand Europe 1.

To listen to the bulletin of RTL for example, say , “Tell Siri, what’s the news on RTL ?, or more simply ” flash info RTL “. The next time you ask ” what’s the news “, Siri will remain on RTL.

To return to Franceinfo, say , “Tell Siri, what’s the news on Franceinfo ? “ Siri also includes the phrase ” what’s new in the news ? “but not for” what’s new ? “that always returns a joke more or less funny.