USA: Judicial victory for Donald Trump in the Trump Hotel case

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USA: Judicial victory for Donald Trump in the Trump Hotel case

American President Donald Trump, involved in a legal case of conflicts of interest, saw judges from the State of Virginia dismissing their colleagues from Maryland and Washington on Wednesday on the illegality for the president to continue to receive dividends in the business of his hotel, Trump International Hotel.

Trump wins a battle but maybe not the war

The US Constitution would stipulate in its article 1, section 9: "No title of nobility shall be guaranteed by the United States: and no person holding a lucrative or fiduciary office in its name may, without the consent of Congress, accept any gift, emolument, office or title of any kind whatsoever from a king, prince or foreign State". As a result, according to the complaint filed in Maryland prosecutors, President Trump continuing to accept dividends from his hotel's operations would violate this article, since foreign governments seem to spend a lot of money in Trump hotels.
However, a panel of three judges of the Court of Appeals for the United States Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia, concluded on Wednesday that prosecutors in Maryland and the District of Columbia had no legal authority to prosecute Mr. Trump, given the overly "abstract" nature of the charges.

"The interest of the districts and Maryland in applying the fee clauses is so mitigated and abstract that the continuation of this case raises the question of whether this action against the President is an appropriate recourse to the courts, which have been created to resolve real cases and genuine controversies. "wrote the judges in their decision. A victory for Trump. However, two other legal actions with the same guiding principle, one by an ethics group, and the other by the Democrats in Congress could be more successful.