Vaimalama Chaves : What Miss France demanded on Fort Boyard

Vaimalama Chaves (24 years old) is one of the contestants of the show Fort Boyard was broadcast on 13 July on France 2. Asked in The interview without filter, (Tele-Entertainment) Miss France in 2019, has revealed some details about his participation. The young woman entrusted from the outset to have had “fear” and even think that some of the challenges in the game are “dangerous“.

It was deadly

But Miss Tahiti 2018 is not the kind to let his tongue in his pocket and had prevented the production of phobias and trials that would be for it to be impossible to carry. His biggest fear ? Spiders. She said : “They had no choice. Because if they had put me with spiders I’ve killed spiders, I would have killed the production…” The father Fouras seems to have been lenient with the young woman since she escaped the ordeal. But if Miss France has not been faced with the spiders, but has been locked in with snakes in the test of the Cabin Abandoned. Vaimalama seems to have not necessarily enjoyed the shoot, as she explains : “It was deadly” before saying : “I cried out loud and perhaps you will learn words in tahitian”.

Accompanied by Sylvie Tellier , singer Francis Lalanne, Lenni-Kim, the collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon and comedian Nicole Ferroni, the team will attempt to collect funds for the association of The good fairies. This association has been created by sixteen, Miss France, to provide “a little magic wand to those who need it”.