[VIDEO] Toy Story 4 : is this the result of too ?

Presentation/Montage : Rémi Lou

Since this summer 2019, Toy Story no longer a trilogy, but a quatrologie. But after all, it is certainly difficult for Pixar to drop his license lighthouse as easily, and he had to find a small following the adventures of the most famous toy on the planet. This is now done with Toy Story 4, an episode was unexpected which is registered yet in the continuity of the previous episodes. To answer the question of whether, yes or no, Toy Story 4 is the result of too much, it should first of all look at the old episodes, and what they have told before.

The first Toy Story, this is the period of the discovery. Putting aside the slap visual of the animated film that the movie could be for the time, Toy Story 1 told, above all, a story of jealousy between Woody and Buzz. As a reminder, Woody was Andy’s favorite toy, until it reached the famous space Ranger in the room of the young boy. Woody then tries at all costs to keep his place as the best friend of Andy, and finally, in the research of Buzz, which eventually disappear, and this while all the other toys accuse him of having murdered to stay the favorite toy of Andy.

In the second part, Woody is stolen by a collector, and quickly realizes its value as a collection object. He then realizes that he can be loved forever, then he would become obsolete when Andy has grown up. And in this film, we sketch the theme of the life of a toy after having lived with a child, this theme of the life of a toy, as an object of consumption, it is found just a little bit in Toy Story 4.

Credits : @Disney/Pixar

And finally, in Toy Story 3, this had to happen came to pass. Andy has grown up and prepares to leave for college. Toys, abandoned for years, hiding to avoid being given or thrown away, except Woody, who was preparing to go off to college with Andy. Unfortunately, the toys end up being donated to a nursery terrifying populated by toddlers furiously angry.

But it is especially in its final that Toy Story 3 has wowed his world, when Andy plays one last time with his toys before bequeath to her little next-door neighbor, Bonnie. By doing so, Toy Story 3 provided a perfect end to the saga, taking all the important elements of the franchise and by making the best, and especially a small tear in the fans of the first hour. Bringing the theme of the end of childhood, Toy Story 3 was able to complete the story while providing an opening with the small neighbour, retrieves the toys, and the loop was closed. Except that it does not expect to see a fourth installment, which, let’s face it, offers a conclusion less impressive, even if it is not too much, as you explained in the video !