[VIDEO] YouTube Festival : advice from EnjoyPhoenix, Bilal Hassani, Fabien Olicard and The Workshop of Roxane to succeed on YouTube

Of EnjoyPhoenix to Bilal Hassani passing by Lolywood, Fabien Olicard and The Workshop of Roxane, all represent parts have a very different landscape-Youtube French music to the extension by way of the make-up, and therefore allow the user to make an overall opinion on how to get started on YouTube and how the creators have managed to acquire such a hearing. With nearly 47 million unique visitors per month in france, and 300 channels, francophones who have exceeded the symbolic figure of the million-subscriber, necessarily, YouTube is fascinating and is the subject of envy on the part of many videographers in the grass. Yet, many give up on the idea of developing their chain because the platform would be awash with designers, a popular myth according to which it would be more difficult to run today.

To this question, Fabien Olicard answered in the negative, and that, on the contrary, it has never been so easy to begin, in the literal sense. Create a channel and upload her first video is childish, and the material for a film has never been more accessible today, thanks to smartphones that are more than sufficient for first productions. It is the goal of acquiring a big audience that can be difficult.

The one that is launched on YouTube after being shown as a comedian in the show has set a goal to release a video per day for one year the launch of its chain. For months, his videos have rarely exceeded a thousand views, or even 500 views, before exploding, particularly because his favourite subject, the mentalism, not much has been processed on the platform. The council of the youtubeur to 1.3 million subscribers is the following : do not give up after a few months if the results don’t arrive, because there will always be an audience for any topic on the platform, even if it takes time.

Roxane chain Workshop Roxane considers that, in fact, is run today is more difficult, particularly since most of the subjects are now treated on YouTube, and that the competition there is, necessarily, increased. In spite of everything, we must not lose hope and be extra creative to stand out, indicates the youtubeuse who is first shown in tv in the best pastry chef of France, before launching his chain, which has today almost 2.8 million subscribers.

For Mary Lopez, alias EnjoyPhoenix, indeed, there is a stronger competition today on YouTube, especially because many have realized that we could make a string a real business. Inevitably, this attracted a wave of new tv channels keen to make money with the platform. Yet, it is the personality that is of prime importance, according to the youtubeuse who has completely changed his editorial line on its chain, from tutorials make up videos committed to the protection of the environment. Moreover, if this shift was possible without losing its audience, this is because its subscribers are more likely on his personality than on the subject being treated, and Marie Lopez is now evidence that the attachment of viewers to a person is essential on the platform.

The person who was the representative of France at Eurovision in 2019 has not failed to disclose to his advice, with the success we know. For Bilal Hassani, a new creator must not censor it, pretend to be someone else, and see his YouTube channel as a privileged means of expression. Stay true to yourself may not appeal to everyone (and Bilal has, alas, been largely a fee), but there will always be an audience that will be around a single personality. There is no point in copying those who have succeeded, be yourself ! The singer nuance by stating that ” the relationship between a youtubeur, and its audience it is as a couple. You need to compromise. It is a balance between pleasure and give pleasure to people, but it should be fun above all. “

Bilal Hassani will also have quite experience it on his channel in which he publishes both of the music videos of occasions or compositions, but also videos type lifestyle in which he tells a story of his own life. A good way to make discover his universe in a larger way to his fans.

But YouTube, it is also a lot of humor. Genre largely populated by the first wave of each other francophones with Norman, Cyprien, Natoo, or even Mister V, humour has recorded more than 19 billion views in 2018 in France, according to figures released by YouTube. Therefore there is a lot of what to do.

It is these pioneers of comedy on YouTube who have inspired Emmanuel Gandon, of the string to the success of Lolywood. After an encounter with Norman, he co-created the chain, which counts today more than 3 million subscribers. Necessarily, it is necessary to think of the public when you take into consideration all of the faithful, but Emmanuel Gandon indicates that it is necessary to know how to be happy, and sometimes be selfish artistically on his creations. The important thing is to remain free, to continue to take pleasure in create.