Zahia Dehar : naked in the sun, with Leonardo DiCaprio

A girl that is easy tells the story of Naima (played by Mina Farid), a teenage girl of 16 years who is going to live a memorable summer on the Côte d’azur. She will follow the footsteps of her cousin Sofia, a young woman of 22 years old “the incredible body and life-style ” dangerously seductive” (as shown on the statement of the distribution company Wild Bunch). The description corresponds strangely to the life of the interpreter of the character, Zahia Dehar, before the scandal of prostitution , which was revealed to the public at large, in 2010.

In the month of may, Zahia Dehar, its partners on the screen Benoît Magimel and Clotilde Courau, as well as the director of’A girl easy, Rebecca Zlotowski, have defended their project to the 72nd Festival of Cannes.