Zoom: Apple released a silent patch before the software update

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Zoom: Apple released a silent patch before the software update

Even before the application's publisher could react, Apple deployed a patch to keep macOS users out of harm's way.

A true "unicorn" in the field of video conferencing and video webinars, Zoom had not known any addicts until now.

Apple protects its users

However, in recent days, a flaw had been identified by security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh: it was possible for a website to start the webcam remotely without the user's consent. A tool mainly used in companies, it could have been diverted for pernicious purposes. However, the flaw only concerned the macOS version of the application. In order to work, Zoom installs a local server on the computer that runs 24 hours a day, which allows unsecured connections to be established - and also bypasses the security of the operating system.

We learned today that the software publisher has released a patch to fix the flaw. However, Apple seems to have been even faster to protect its users from the danger, by pushing a software update from an invisible channel. Thus, even if the latter has not installed the last update of Zoom, it is protected by disabling the local server. A particularly fast crisis management.