David Hallyday has 53 years : the adorable photo and the message of Laura Smet

On Wednesday 14 August 2019, David Hallyday is celebrating its 53 years. As he enjoys the beautiful days of Faro, in Portugal, where he lives with his wife Alexandra Pastor, and their son, Cameron (14 years old) since 2017, his little half-sister, Laura Smet , daughter of Nathalie Baye) has not forgotten to wish him a happy birthday.

Despite the shooting of the series Hairstyle in full swing, for France 2, Laura Smet has taken the time to post a story irresistible on his account Instagram. The actress and film director of 35 years has chosen an archive photo of David Hallyday child, all blond as his parents, Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan, and disguised as an indian. In the caption, just a few words of love : “happy birthday my brother I love.

For the past few years, David and Laura are closer than ever. In 2010, they sang together , One is afraid for the album another world of David Hallyday. In 2018, Laura has made the very nice clip of David My last letter, a tribute to their father, Johnny, who passed away on December 5, 2017, a lung cancer that is widespread.

Last June 23, a few days after the great feast for the wedding of Laura Smet and Raphäel, who were already in a civil union in December, David Hallyday said on the plateau of 20: 30, the Sunday, presented by Laurent Delahousse, that his half-sister and he were united by “the same sadness” .Which made their artistic collaboration on this clip even more strong. As to the matter of inheritance – recall that Laeticia Hallyday has appealed the latest decision of the court of Nanterre and might want to negotiate – David bottait in touch : “I don’t want to talk too much about it. When one is in the reconstruction, it speaks from the heart, it speaks of love. Talk about things other than that, it is very complicated. I have a real detachment from it. I prefer to stay in the positive energy, caring, and continue to go to the public. It is that which makes me stronger.” Especially since his last album, I have something to tell you, has been certified platinum.

Before a return to the stage, David Hallyday benefits of Faro and his other half-sister. Darina Scotti, whose parents are Sylvie Vartan and Tony Scotti, made his arrival in Portugal this week to spend time with David Hallyday and Alexandra Pastor.