Emmanuelle (love is in the meadow) very thin : his crazy weight loss

In The love is in the pre 2017, Emmanuelle tried his luck with Romuald, the breeder of chickens organic. Their love story has not lasted , and the young woman returned to her home. Since then, she has taken over his life and decided to shapeshift. The result is just stunning.

Thinned down to a few kilos at the balance sheet of the issuance in September 2017, the pretty brunette is now unrecognizable. And for good reason, She is evil and has lost a lot of weight. August 10, 2019, it was announced on his page Facebook, in the caption of a photo of her very thin, that it reached its goal, weigh 75 kilos.

Today is an important day for me, a day to mark a white stone, this is the day that I have awaited since the beginning of my diet rebalancing under hypnosis that began in mid-march. Today is the day where I reached the initial goal I had set with my hypnotherapist. Today is the day where I reach the 75 kg that I set for myself, and I am come down to 74.9 kg“, she says.

She then know that she has changed her wardrobe to buy a jean size 40. She has lost two dress sizes. “Proud of it” and “happy“, She speaks of “new birth“, life changed. More motivated than ever, so she decided to continue her weight loss. She wants to achieve now 70 kilos.