Heidi Klum : Tan topless, the intervention of the police… His honeymoon sexy

Heidi Klum is crazy in love. As many lovers, it was in Italy that she decided to live a great life, at the side of her new husband, Tom Kaulitz. After a splendid marriage, the supermodel 46-year-old has set sail in the direction of the amalfi coast and its islands are breathtaking for their honeymoon, aboard a luxury yacht. With his family and friends, they took their ship to go and visit a must-see spot : the grotta azzurra, at Capri.

This cave is accessible by a small cavity, only by boat, offers a water-azure blue, breathtaking. With her children – Leni (age 14), Henry (13 years), Johan (12 years) and Lou (9 years) – and the brother of her husband, Bill Kaulitz, Heidi Klum did not hesitate to jump into the water of the cave. Swimming in this very place protected is completely forbidden and the model was facing a fine of 6000 euros. At the exit of the cave, it was expected by police, who reprimanded the small group. Their clothes and wet hair did not help their case… The police would then be disputed with the pilot of the small boats. It is not known if the young couple were sentenced to a fine.

One thing is for sure, it has not prevented to go to sunbathe on the private beach of the restaurant La Fontelinain Capri. Always in the arms of her husband, Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum has dropped the top of her swimsuit bathroom, even next to his brother-in-law Bill. Still as accomplices and lovers, honeymooners attract each other like magnets. At the restaurant, in the water, on the beach or aboard their yacht : they never stop kissing. Mad love to Capri, simply.