Samsung : GIF to make fun of blue bubbles Apple

There is no shame in owning an Android smartphone… except when the time comes, inevitable, where we will have a conversation with one iPhone user. The latter will then know immediately that its correspondent is under Android because it will receive the messages in a green bubble, a synonym of stupid SMS. While the blue bubbles, as everyone knows, come from other iPhone users.

The difference is not only in the color of the bubble : the blue Posts, with additional functions, such as acknowledgements of receipt (articles ” read “, ” distributed “) or the encryption of the conversation.

In some communities, it is also a social marker, possibly discriminating : in the United States and elsewhere, young people feel rejected because they send ” green bubbles “. In other words and to put it bluntly : they are ostracized from the group because of their Android “poor” (even if the price of the high end Samsung’s are equivalent to their competitors on iOS).

To defuse the discrimination and to put the laughing on her side, the american branch of Samsung has put online a series of GIF whose objective is to demonstrate that the green bubbles, it’s cool. To share with friends on the iPhone… Is that this will be enough to push users interested in a Galaxy Note10 but who count in their relations a lot of iPhone, it remains to be seen.