The indicator light of the cameras Is continuously active during the recordings

The lights of the cameras of Google (Nest Cam, Dropcam and Nest Hello) now remain lit when they record video. And they flash when the user watches streaming what is going on with him. For Google, it is about respecting one of the commitments taken in the spring to respect for private life. But this novelty deployed by the search engine is not the business of all owners of these cameras.

On the Nest Cam, the indicator light is just above the lens.

Google indicates that it is possible to reduce the brightness of the witness cameras, but not turn it off completely. Many users clamoring for yet the ability to disable the status lights for all sorts of reasons : to oversee the baby without being bothered by the light ; to place a camera near a window without there being reflection of light ; or do not give potential thieves the position of the surveillance cameras.

These reasons fall under the senses, but further reinforce rather the position of Google. The camera Is also used sometimes to monitor, without permission of the guests Airbnb, for example. Difficult to place the cursor between the uses expected of the product and the legitimate expectations related to the privacy…