Dismantling of iPhone 11, and doubts about the charging function reverse

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is passed between the hands ofiFixit (and SOSSAV) for a disassembly that shows a few changes made to the internal design compared to the previous generation of XS.

iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The main question in the prelude to this decapping was to know if the iPhone 11 contained something to make a charging function reverse.

It was mentioned by rumors dating back to February, and then, a few days before the announcement of the iPhone, it seemed to be more of everything on the menu. A priori, for issues of performance gold reliability, this was not very explicit (read iPhone 11 : the charge reversed, the function that is expected of Apple).

At the beginning of its disassembly, iFixit is questioned on the presence of a new and second connector connected to the battery, and a component that can be used to control this charge reversed (the back of an iPhone 11 serving as the charging stand Qi for another phone gold housing of AirPods).

The battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with two connectors instead of one in the previous iPhone. Disconnect the new does not prevent the iPhone to operate, but the induction charging no longer works (hence the assumption of a role for the charge reversed), it is necessary to use the decision-Lightning

In parallel to this observation, Rene Richie of iMore tweetedFrom what I understood (as in : “Apple told me that… but I can’t say that the info comes from home”, editor’s note), the charging reverse has not been removed from the iPhone 11. It has never been considered in production, and there is nothing inside that would enable it afterwards (it would be stupid to offer it without compatibility with the Apple Watch) “.

On the role of a component located at the crossroads of the battery, the induction coil and the Taptic Engine, iFixit hypothesizes that it may be linked ultimately to the new control system performance and the aging of the battery on the iPhone 11, that combines software and hardware.

iPhone XR, XS and Max 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 are capable of a self-even better and the A13, as well as optimizations for software are not necessarily the only ones responsible. The battery has also taken overweight : 3969 mAh, 3.79 V, for a total of 15,04 Wh, gold 2,96 Wh more (and 1,52 Wh less than a grand Galaxy Note10+).

This battery is L-shaped, a brick of 4.6 mm, 0.7 mm more than on the XS Max, it is 13 grams heavier (59,6 g).

Image : SOS after-sales SERVICE

By removing the 3D feature Touch, and the layer in the slab responsible for its functioning, Apple was able to fine-tune the screen a quarter of a millimeter. Which reported on the surface of this element and combined with a greater thickness of the phone, has probably offered the place to fit this larger battery. The 11 Pro Max has a thickness of 8.1 mm (226 grams) to 7.7 mm on the XS, Max (208 grams). If you find the XS Max bulky…

Logic board of the iPhone XS to the left, those of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max to the right

The large clumps of grey, which overlooks the processor A13, surrounded by a myriad of components packed together like sardines, is an assembly of blades of graphite for heat dissipation towards the back of the phone.

The block rear camera and, on the view to X-rays at the far right, the black bars that betray the presence of the electromagnets for the optical stabilization (for the wide angle and telephoto owner, but not on the ultra wide angle).

Among the components, unsurprisingly, has modem Intel to Qualcomm, it will have to wait until next year), and the storage provided by Toshiba, as usual.

iFixit notes that progress has been made in the access to the battery, for disassembly easier. A simplification that extends to other components. The black point is the glass back, which, if broken, requires a complete replacement of the chassis. The site gives a rating of 6/10 according to its criteria of reparability, like last year.

A statement, on the rear glass, that also makes SOS SERVICE who has created online guides for dismantling (in French) for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max. The site also regrets that the three varieties of screws used by Apple, instead of holding on to one common.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro Max