The iPhone 6s, 7, and XS still selling it at rates lower

With the arrival of the iPhone 11, iPhone 8 becomes the new entry-level model (from 539 €) in the catalog of Apple… but the previous generations have not said their last word elsewhere.

It has become a habit, the old models remain available for a time in the third-party vendors at lower rates — we speak well of brand new copies, no versions repackaged. As well, the iPhone 7 32 Gb is now on sale at the Fnac, on Amazon and in Baker to 439 €. Before being relegated in the hierarchy of Apple, it was sold around 500 € in recent months.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

Although its price is more affordable, the iPhone 7 is not very competitive against the iPhone 8, because of its storage : it has only 32 Gb, when his successor was the double of the base. The iPhone 7 Plus 32 Gb is on sale for 499 €.

Older still, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus still available from some resellers at respectively 350 € and 400 € approximately. It is a few tens of euros less than it was a few weeks, depending on the shops. The iPhone 6s are the older models compatible with iOS 13 (with the iPhone, which is on sale for a while). This will probably be the last major update they will receive.

Apple is discreet about it, but the iPhone XS continue their road outside of the Apple Store in spite of the appearance of the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone XS 64 Gb now costs 1 039 €. It is 120 € less than at its launch last year. The XS Max is around 1 159 €, a reduction equivalent.

The prices of all these old iPhone are led to gradually lower over the month. We don’t know until when they will populate the shelves of third-party vendors. The new iPhone 4,7″ more affordable that Apple would be launching in the spring of 2020 promises to reshuffle the cards in the entry level range.

In the meantime, if one broadens the spectrum to units reconditioned and secondhand, the prices are naturally much more attractive. The iPhone 7 refurbished are sold for about less than 350 € and iPhone 6s less than $ 250. According to the feedback we have, the iPhone 7 has become the model most sold in repackaged in the last few months.