Apple has forgotten to update iTunes Remote for Catalina

You use the app iTunes Remote to control the music on your Mac ? Do not upgrade to macOS Catalina for the moment, the app has not been updated for Music and it does not allow to control the playback as it should. You’ll have access to the music catalog, but you will not be able to launch an album, and you will not be able to see what title is currently playing on the Mac.

The app recognizes the Music library on my MacBook Pro past to Catalina (left), but it does not display the information of playing (right). It does not control the playback.

Apple will probably have stis app update for it to work properly again with Catalina. Sti interface could use a small brush to iOS 13, moreover, there are elements that are not optimal here, gold there. But it works perfectly with iTunes under macOS Mojave, proof that the problem is from 10.15 and the new Music app.

By the way, the connection must be done with home sharing for the moment. One could also use a four-digit code to enter in iTunes, aim Music no longer manages all iOS devices and it is no longer possible to proceed by this method. On the other hand, the connection is done well with home sharing, provided you do not forget that he has switched places with macOS Catalina.

iTunes does manage this aspect until then, now it is the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Home sharing can be activated in the section ” media Sharing “. You will have to identify yourself as before, and you can change the name of the shared library, as well as open to guests. All the settings that iTunes offered previously are found here, with no significant change for the shot.

The app iTunes Remote needs to turn on home sharing to work, which is done in the System Preferences of macOS Catalina.