Here are the positive points to send your children to daycare (because yes, there are!)

It's September and it's back to school for your minis. But for many other mothers, it is also the first day of school. Yes, there are two months in the year when most new registrations in subsidized daycare are made: June and September. And not so long ago, it was me, the mother who was apprehensive about this great day.

When my oldest entered the daycare for the first time, I almost died inside. I had spent the last 12 months glued to him in total symbiosis. I loved my, or rather my, maternity leave and I never had any anxiety about staying home. On the contrary, the more I am with my children, the better I am! No kidding, I have a fairly active social life and even on maternity leave, I have never felt trapped inside the walls of my house.

Lucky are the ones who can and do choose to stay at home with their children.  Like other mothers, I couldn't make that choice. And for those who are anxious and, like me, fear the moment of entering the daycare, here are some positive points to send your children there (you have to convince yourself!)

The social side

You are the best and most beautiful in the world for your coconuts. And even if they are used to your mother, sister-in-law, neighbour, cousins, their cousins or even the brother of the other neighbour's sister, there is nothing better than making friends and creating an attachment with others. And from you to me, it's cute as hell when our children make friends with other minis.

The discipline

Attention, your child will soon become a terrible two. It seems that he will have seizures, whims and become perfectly self-centered. Your educator will be well equipped to help you through these crises. And when our mother's heart wants to give in, the educator, she has seen others...

Waiting for your turn

If your child is the third, you know that he or she has already learned this principle. But if it's your first time, it gets all the attention of mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, grandpa and company. In short, he must learn that he must wait his turn. And what better way to teach him this than at the daycare centre?


Politeness and sharing

Again, if he is your only child, your little one will learn to share his toys with his other friends. And this is a value that we want to instil in our children. Just like politeness, of course. But while I was focusing a lot on the "please" and "thank you" of my 4 years old, I almost lost consciousness when I heard my 14 months answer thank you. The next day, his educator confirmed to me that he had been saying thank you for a few days already...

The diversity 

Even if I want to control everything, I have no control over how things are going at the daycare. They do what they can with the 10, 40 or 60 children they have. And even if there is a framework to respect, each educator has her own way of functioning in addition to all the children who each have their own way of doing things. My children are constantly introduced to the diversity of skills, diversity of opinions and even cultural diversity.

The letting go

When we return to the second child, we often forget all the notions we had learned so well in our Better Life. It is not uncommon for a mother not to remember at what age it was already necessary to stop giving bottles. In short, the daycare becomes the perfect landmark for amnesiacs who, like me, have forgotten how to do things. The daycare also becomes the perfect guinea pig for the "first time with baby" that I don't want or don't have the energy to start on my own. (Like the first nap without the suck...)

To conclude...

Finally, consider that one day you will see some good in sending your child to daycare. It certainly hurts our mother's heart at first, but it's always better to see our glass half full! For my part, I have blind trust in the educators who take care of my children. And when RĂ©mi asks me a question about my children's education, I often refer to what is happening at the daycare. Like the time he asked me when we'd put our 18 months in a tall bed. I said, "When he sleeps in a queen size bed in the daycare, we'll put him in a queen size bed at home. Somebody has to initiate our children and do the work of the first times less pleasant, lol.

Have you found any positive points in sending your children to daycare?