A republican objected to the testimony of the whistleblower

Year elected republican was caught Sunday against Donald Trump and the leaders of the party in opposition to the public testimony to the Congress of the whistleblower to the origin of the investigation on suspicion of abuse of power the american president’s, threatened by an impeachment process.

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“I think we should protect the identity of the whistleblower,” said on Fox News Will Hurd, elected to the Texas and himself a former agent of the CIA.

“The way we treat the whistleblower, will have an impact on others in the future,” he added, recalling the importance of the current law are protected from retaliation those who report malpractice golden wrongdoing in companies and administrations.

After hearing a dozen witnesses behind closed doors in recent weeks, the Intelligence committee of the House of representatives must hear from Wednesday at the public hearings.

The republican members of parliament have said that they want to be added to the list of witnesses for the whistleblower, who remains anonymous, as well as Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, form vice-chairman of Barack Obama and potential adversary of Mr. Trump for the presidential election of 2020.

The american president is suspected of having abused his power by putting pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden for his own interest in the election campaign.

The democrats, a majority in the lower house, want to build a case of impeachment (“impeachment”) that could lead to the impeachment of the president.

The president of The commission, the democrat Adam Schiff, has rejected Saturday the request of the republicans. These hearings should not facilitate “the efforts of the president (Trump) to threaten, intimidate gold act in reprisal against the whistleblower”, he said.

Donald Trump has several times taken to the whistleblower, putting in doubt his claims of “second-hand” and comparing his action to espionage.

But this defense strategy will “collapse” with the public hearings, said Sunday, another democrat member of the Intelligence committee, Jim Himes.

The public will now have “information from a direct source of diplomats, military personnel, and others who have really understood these facts,” she said on CNN, senator Amy Klobuchar, a candidate in the democratic primary for the presidential election of 2020.

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