Amazon : the free music and app purchases in the Skills

In France, users of the Alexa can now purchase additional content in the Skills of the wizard. As in other countries, Amazon authorises , in effect, the French developers to sell virtual goods or more functions in their applications to Alexa. The quiz do You Prefer ? offers a premium subscription for access to 300 additional questions, for 2,40 € per month (14 day free trial is offered).

To subscribe to this content, you should ask Alexa and validate the subscription. The management of the subscription is available in the page of the Skills, which is available online on Amazon or in the app Alexa. The developers, who keep 70% of sales, have three ways to leverage their Skills : the purchase act to unlock the content once and for all ; consumables to acquire content or functions that will run out in time ; and subscriptions, and renewable.

We acknowledge, pay it is a sympathetic activity, purpose one can also enjoy the free stuff. The same Amazon has announced that the streaming service, free music until now only available on the speakers Echo was going to be available on the mobile apps (iOS and Android) as well as product Fire TV.

This flow of music interspersed with advertisements does not require any subscription gold registration of a credit card. However, it will be for the benefit of France, since for the moment this function has been launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Hundreds of stations based on a song, an artist, a genre gold a period of time can as well be listened to.

Subscribers Premium have access to a catalog of 2 million songs, ad-free (Premium Music). And it is always possible to subscribe to Amazon Music for $ 9.99 per month, which gives access to 50 million shares. A special offer currently : the first four months for 0,99 €.

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