Celine Dion at the Vieilles Charrues : this ridiculous sum to go see

The new world tour, Céline Dion, released from his contract in Las Vegas, promises to capsize his fans to the four corners of the world. After a whirlwind opening, the singer had been forced to postpone concerts due to illness. His come back was then mixed purpose, since then, it’s back to the bottom of the balloons. Very expected in France, some fans will be able to see for three times nothing…

It might be a victim of the black market, which ignited the price, see the victims of scams, Celine Dion can also make them happy spectators for only… 2 euros. The diva 51-year-old is expected at the Festival des Vieilles Charrues on July 16, 2020 and 55 000 seats were sold in 9 minutes only ! The star, who has hit the most big stamp of the history of the event held in Britain, will, however, take five pleased. In fact, this is not the production of that has decided to be generous, but the group for the Telethon of Carhaix (Finistère).

On the page Facebook of the collective, it is discovered that a tombala, will be organised for the benefit of the Telethon and the ticket will be 2 euro. As a gift : tickets to the Celine Dion concert. In the pages of Ouest-France, we learn a bit more. “It is true that using the arrival of Celine Dion to sell the raffle tickets is very commercial, it has hesitated to do. Purpose today, the image of the Telethon is not enough to generate the gift. Then we surf on what works, for the good cause“, explained to the daily Régine Abeguile-Mesgouez, which deals with the collective. Last year, the Telethon had collected 69 million euros in pledges.

For its part, Celine Dion has returned to Montreal to resume his tour, after a few days in New York, where she has ensured the promotion of his new album titled Courage.

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