Check Epstein: prince Andrew denies “categorically” the charges against him

Implicated in the case of Epstein, prince Andrew has denied “categorically” the charges of a woman who claims to have been forced to have sexual relations with him, in an interview that aired Saturday night on british television.

In this interview of nearly’an hour, and was broadcast in full in the evening on the BBC, the second son of queen Elizabeth II of England affirms that he has “no recollection of having ever met Virginia Roberts – wife Giuffre.

She says she was forced to have sexual relations with prince Andrew in London in 2001 when she was 17 years old, and then two more times in New York and on the private island of the u. s. financial Jeffrey Epstein in the Caribbean.

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“I can categorically, absolutely tell you that this has not happened”, said prince Andrew, 59, who says he is ready to testify before the justice “in good circumstances”.

The prince “knows exactly what he has done, and I hope that he will be honest”, had told the press Virginia Roberts after a hearing in late August in New York city, where 15 other complainants were heard by the american courts, just before the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein are not extinguished by the fact of his suicide two weeks earlier.

A photo showing the prince and the girl holding each other by the size has been widely disseminated in the media. In the background appears Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the media magnate Robert Maxwell. Several accusers, Epstein claimed to have been “recruited” by the friend of prince and former companion of the american financial, which she has always denied.

In his interview interview Thursday evening at Buckingham palace, prince Andrew express doubts about the authenticity of this photograph, and says that he wants “all days” to have met Jeffrey Epstein in New York after his release in 2010. But the object of his visit was, he said, to cut the decks after his friend had spent 13 months in prison, convicted in 2008 for having led young girls into prostitution in Florida.

See Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction “was not something suitable for a member of the royal family”, said prince Andrew regretted having put in the embarrassment.

If he stayed with Epstein in New York, it is because it was “more convenient”, explained the prince, to whom this case has not caused harm to the queen.

Accusé of sexual assault on minor, Jeffrey Epstein had been’s arrested again and charged in early July for having organized, during several years, a network consisting of dozens of girls under his grip, to massage sessions that turned to rape in its many properties, particularly in Manhattan and in Florida.

Aged 66, he was found dead on August 10 in the cell of his prison in new york, the results of the autopsy confirming a suicide by hanging.

Buckingham palace has denied on several occasions of inappropriate behaviour on the part of prince Andrew.

Questioned in the british press, the prince had said at the end of August to have never “seen” or “suspected” of sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein, that he repeated to the BBC.

In a tweet, his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, mother of their two children, took up his defence. “Andrew is a real gentleman”, she said, stressing the “sense of duty” of the prince and his “kindness”.

In the framework of an investigation opened in France, a new call for witnesses, extended to the international, was launched on Friday. The French investigators are interested in the role played by the agent models French Jean-Luc Brunel, a form close to Jeffrey Epstein, accusé of rape by several train top models.

According to a justice source, “Mr. Brunel has not been called at this stage”, but he “indicated that he was at the disposal of justice”.

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