Dancing with the stars, injuries live : how the board manages

10 years of Dancing with the stars exists, and it is almost the end of the birthday season. In effect, the premium of the Saturday 16 November 2019 will decide what couples will send in the final of the 10th edition. The opportunity for the judge-missed Chris Marks back on this season and say more about the behind the scenes of the show, starting with a question that all the world is already laid down in front of his tv : what happens in case of injury live ?

“Dancing with the stars has international rules, deposited with a bailiff. The creators of the program have considered all the possible scenarios. If a candidate is injured during a performance, the judges meet to know if they have seen enough to note, or if they need to use video rehearsals to support their judgement“, has learned Chris Marks, who has clearly read the rules of the show with a lot of attention.

Saturday evening, the semi-finals of Dancing with the stars will pit Elsa Esnoult and Anthony Colette, Sami El-Gueddari , and Fauve Hautot and Ladji Doucoure and Inès Vandamme. A semi-final is not like the others, since many believe that the popular actress of the Mysteries of love is not at the height to win the dance competition so that it is saved each week by the commitment of its fans.

For his part, Chris Marks shares without telling the users ‘ opinions, regretting premature elimination of Clara Morgane. “I would have loved to see her perform more. She deserved to go to the final. But the public is always right“, he confided. It only remains to know if the public votes will be sufficient to Elsa Esnoult to gain a place in the final…

Find the interview of Chris-Marks in full in the latest issue of Tv Star of November 18, 2019.

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