Death of Marie Laforêt : his daughter Lisa Azuelos publishes a beautiful family photo

Three days after the funeral of his mother, Lisa Azuelos is out of his silence. On November 10, 2019, the daughter of Marie Laforêt ‘s seizure of his account Instagram to thank all those who have supported her since the death of her famous mother, the 2 last November in Switzerland, at the age of 80 years.

Thank you to all my friends and to anonymous that I have so sustained in that race, #marielaforet #mom“, she wrote on the social network. To accompany his short message, the director of the 54-year-old has shared a photo memory of his mother, a singer and an actress. An image of family in black and white on which Marie Laforêt appears young, surrounded by Lisa and her little brother Jean-Mehdi-Abraham, both born of his first marriage with business man, Judas Azuelos. A tribute in picture which is not without recalling the one of Thais Alessandrin, is the youngest member of Lisa Azuelos, and therefore granddaughter of Marie Laforêt, who has also shared some photos and memories of her grandmother on Instagram.

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