Fauve Hautot (DALS) : How it has adapted to the disability of Sami El-Gueddari

On November 23, 2019, TF1 will broadcast the final of Dancing with the stars 2019. Ladji Doucoure and Inès Vandamme will play against Sami El-Gueddari, and Fauve Hautot. A few days of the end of the competition, the professional dancer, 33-year-old entrusted to our peers, TV Large Chain on his adventure with the paralympic champion in 35 years.

The athlete is born with a malformation of the left leg, which obliged him to wear a prosthesis (as well as a malformation in the right hand), a disability to which Fauve Hautot had to adapt. Purpose Fauve Hautot was “quickly forgotten“, as she explained : “I think otherwise my choreographies, I am not-not feminine in the male. For the worn, it is complicated, because Sam does not have the sufficient media, but I have found how to work around it. Sam has a mental athlete, he will not say ever that he is tired gold it hurts. In the end, as he was born with this disability, for him, it is hyper-natural. It’s a part of him.

Since the beginning of the competition, Sami El-Gueddari, and Fawn are in the top ranking, thanks in particular to the determination of the athlete. Their complicity also help them to progress rapidly and, therefore, to seduce the jury and the public : “Humanly speaking, we get on very well. We have just about the same age and share the same values. We are both very positive, and we see life the same way. Artistically, Sam is applying. He is not afraid of ridicule. Get to work with him, this is happiness !” In the light of their performance, the red-haired arsonist hopes to win again the trophy of Dancing with the stars. She had won for the first time in 2012 with Emmanuelle Moire, at the end of season 3.

The full interview of Fauve Hautot is back in the magazine TV Large Chains of 18 November.

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