Hong Kong : a police officer shoots a protest

A policeman shot a protest masked during clashes on Monday morning (local time) in Hong Kong broadcast live on Facebook, a police source confirming that live ammunition had been carried out in the same neighborhood.

On the images, we see a police officer try belting a person to jacket white, in the neighborhood of Sai Wan Ho, at an intersection blocked by protesters.

Another masked man, dressed in black, approached, and the policeman pulls him visibly on the chest. People are jumping on the officer and then walk away. The man obviously touched falls to the ground and then sits down, holding the abdomen in, tries to get up before being controlled on the ground by the police officer.

Next to them, another policeman control another protest all in black. A photo of the media Cupid News shows the two protesters to the ground, including one near a trail of blood.

Hong Kong : un policier tire sur un manifestant

A police source confirmed to theAFP, under cover of anonymity, that the bullets had been made in the direction of at least two protesters in Sai Wan Ho, and that a press release would be published.

This is the third time since the protests began five months ago that the police used live bullets.

On the 1st of October, a student was shot in the chest when he was attacked by a group of activists, an officer with sticks and stakes. He survived and sued.

A few days later, a 14 year old boy was shot in the leg by a plainclothes police officer whose car had been attacked by the crowd. He also survived and was’s arrested.

Hong Kong is shaken for five months by huge demonstrations, with more violent clashes between protesters and security forces. Beijing refuse to respond positively to five demands by the movement in favour of democracy.

The voltage is further increased after the death on Friday of a student of 22 years, Alex Chow, fell at the beginning of November a multi-storey car during clashes. If the circumstances of this crash remain unclear, it is the first student to die since the beginning of the protests in the former british colony.

Since her death the vigils bring together tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. A call to the general strike has been launched for this Monday.

Protests have sprung up in several neighbourhoods on Monday morning, with small groups of protesters, masked, targeting metro stations and building barricades at intersections.

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