Jane Birkin, defeatist in the face of leukemia : “I wanted to be defeated”

Life almost we deny it. In 1998, when she was aged 51 years, Jane Birkin has been affected the disease. An event in which she remembers with a distance modest, indicating that she had “a little cancer”, “the first” we learn in her new book, autobiographical – Post-scriptum, published by editions Fayard on October 23, 2019. If it minimizes the facts, the british singer, however, has escaped the worst. “I did first not take it seriously at all, “she says, however, in the columns of the magazine Gala. And then it was not a cancer, very painful, leukemia is a disease frequent enough.”

I didn’t have any other choice

It must be said that at the time Jane Birkin had a relatively down their arms. In the Face of combat, she had outright decided to let go of things. “Because I wanted to be conquered, she says. At one point, I didn’t have any other choice, I couldn’t see how I was going to get out of it… But hey, at 70 years of age, it is common to have had cancer.” If she wasn’t determined to exterminate his evil, his family did fortunately not of the same mind. His daughters, Kate, Charlotte and Lou, have supported her until she is out of the woods. “Our complicity was so tender and funny. You can do anything when we are in good company, “she concludes.

A few years earlier, she lost a unforgettable love. Found on 2 march 1991 without life at his home, Serge Gainsbourg has left a permanent mark in the heart of Jane Birkin, while the couple was separated since 1980 : “Serge has filled such a void after John Barry was gone. It has been such a comfort. And then it seems incredible to be able to forget someone with whom one has lived for thirteen years.” Proof that she has never really been able to grieve, Jane Birkin has chosen to highlight the discography of his ex in a Birkin / Gainsbourg : the symphony, his thirteenth studio album, released in 2017. Ah, The Anamour

Find the full interview of Jane Birkin in the magazine Gala, number 1378, November 7, 2019.

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