Jessica Thivenin : First quarrel with Thibault since the birth of Maylone

The Parents of a little boy since October 7, 2019, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia take advantage of their baby. After the operation on their infant who was suffering from atresia of the esophagus, the former participants of reality tv have finally been able to bring their child home. A new rhythm which confused slightly, the couple of lovers, still not quite used to the lack of sleep and the lifestyle of their sound, Maylone. On Snapchat, the young mother of 29-year-old has revealed to his subscribers that she has also had her first dispute of the couple since the arrival of her baby.

We had a fight

We had a fight, you know why ? For a water bottle, my darling has done his bottle and he has not closed the cap of the water, and me when I reached for the bottle of after, well I had to go get a new water bottle, because he must not leave the bottle open so the bottle we had, finally the baby we ever had”, she told, finally amused by the situation. A dispute as trivial and quickly forgotten caused by fatigue of two young parents. Exhausted and exasperated, Thibault said :“I’d like to sleep more…

As the husband of Jessica reassures himself. On November 9, 2019, the form of Julien Tanti has entrusted to his subscribers : “Maylone wants to sleep this afternoon… I am very happy with the result, I say to you that this night, he might sleep better as a result.” Both parents will they finally have the chance to enjoy a long and peaceful night of sleep ? Not so sure…

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