Laetitia Milot : Criticized for her song “catastrophic”, she said

Laetitia Milot (39 years old) has strongly been criticised after unveiling the title Far from Here in which she pushes the song with Vincent Niclo. “A disaster“, “If you don’t have earplugs, you have the ears that bleed“, “It is necessary to stop the song, it’s a big no“, “A disaster“. A duo not really appreciated by the users who have not bothered to know. In spite of everything, some followers have attempted to qualify their remarks by recalling the talents of actress Laetitia : “as an actress and as an actress there’s nothing to say the purpose excuse me as a singer I’m not convinced purpose hey the important thing is to try !

Very quickly, the French actress, who suffers from endometriosis has held to clarify the situation. On Instagram, she did not hesitate to respond to this last message :”be Aware that if I got involved in this adventure it is for Endofrance !

In fact, she had previously explained to his fans that a portion of the funds collected on this title would be put back to the association. At the time of the release of this title, she had said on Instagram : “the Year honor to sing with Vincent Niclo for a cause that touches me deeply: endometriosis and Endofrance that does a great job for all these women, these couples who suffer from it and affects 3 to 6 million women in France. A portion of the profits will be donated to the association.”

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