Miley Cyrus hospitalized again : the forced silence, her career is on pause

Blow to Miley Cyrus. According to information from the magazine People, published on November 9, 2019, the singer of 26 years has just undergone a surgery of the vocal cords. While she was hospitalized last month for an infection of the tonsils, doctors have found another problem at the level of the vocal cords. Without revealing the nature of this issue, some sources state that she lived with for several years without knowing it.

Now that she has left the hospital, the interpreter of the Mother’s Daughter has paused in its career, as well as concerts and sessions in the studio. It must in effect be obliged to be silent for several weeks, and avoid to the maximum use of her vocal cords. “It is going well and will be back we can no longer in shape at the beginning of next year, “said a source to People.

In convalescence, Miley Cyrus can count on the support of her boyfriend Cody Simpson, is already at his bedside during his previous hospitalization in the last month. On 4 November last, the couple has once again exposed his complicity on Instagram by posting a dance video. Before that, the two singers had shared many pictures of their Halloween party, dressed as Billy Idol and Perri Lister.

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