Nabilla et Thomas Vergara to Dubai : big disagreement in full move-in

Nabilla et Thomas Vergara arrived well in Dubai ! Welcomed by Tarek, the little brother Nabilla, the couple shared the first moments of their move into their lavish property. First big problem, the parents of Milann do not seem to agree at all on the decoration. In fact after searching in the cards, the former candidate for reality tv has found a picture of the representative as the divine Mona Lisa…

“Monabilla Lisa”

Neither one, nor two, the wife of Thomas Vergara is determined to display this beautiful work of art done by Andy Picci. Categorical refusal of Thomas, who exclaims, on Snapchat : “We will hang not.” Then he continued by reaching out to its subscribers : “It’s been two years that we have this table, two years ago it gave me basin to hang with us…” Decided to store this masterpiece, Nabilla immediately with his painting under his arm, declaring :”I put it where I want, this is my home I decided too !

Good player, Thomas confides then to his followers that he will be able to do on the other hand what he wants for the garden of their house. Future landscape of grass, he explained wanting to soon plant a lemon tree in their property. A little later, Thomas has published other photos of her move. Very happy, Nabilla reveals wait for the arrival of her dog Pita and declares :”It is too good, we are too happy !” With the brother of Nabilla, his wife Camelia and Mary-Luce”s Barn, the couple begins to decorate (according to the tastes of Nabilla) their future nest.

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