Naruhito and Masako of Japan : tiara and costume pageantry for a rare parade

The time was at the festival in Tokyo. On November 10, 2019, three weeks after her accession to the throne, the new emperor Nahurito and his wife, the empress Masako made a rare parade through the city. All smiles since its a convertible, the couple has welcomed thousands of people gathered for the occasion, has japanese flag in hand. As reported by AFP, was part of the audience had camped out overnight to ensure a good place along the short road of 4.6 km, a half-hour only.

Many are those who have unfortunately not managed to see the imperial couple during their parade, the first since his marriage, celebrated in 1993. “We came because this is a unique opportunity in a lifetime“, told AFP Yoko Mori, 64 years of age, the arrival of Saitama in the North-west of Tokyo. “But it’s a shame, we have just been able to see the car. I am so concerned to take a picture I hardly looked at my eyes“. This event was originally scheduled on 22 October, a goal that was postponed out of respect for the victims of typhoon Hagibis, which killed more than 80 people and caused enormous damage.

To the side of her husband, dressed in a costume in the western pageantry, the empress Masako appeared radiant. To complete her outfit pristine, the ex-diplomat 55-year-old showed her magnificent tiara, Meiji, inherited from his mother-in-law , the empress Michiko. A precious jewellery that she had worn for the dinner in honour of the accession to the throne of her husband, given on 22 October at the imperial palace. A historical event for which many royal personalities had made the move, thus offering a veritable parade of tiara and tiaras : queen Letizia of Spain and her husband Felipe VI, Victoria of Sweden and her father, king Carl XVI Gustaf, the Maxima of the netherlands, Mary of Denmark…

Marine Corviole

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