Neil Young wants to become a u. s. citizen to vote in 2020

The famous rocker canadian Neil Young has begun the process to obtain american citizenship in order to vote in the next presidential elections in 2020, aim stis consumption of cannabis complicates the process, one can read on its website.

At the dawn of its 74 years, the singer-songwriter has delighted in an article published Friday they have successfully completed an examination in which he answered “honestly” to the many questions that have been asked, explaining also have to be another because of his consumption of cannabis.

The u. s. authorities had indicated in April that potential citizens may not be involved in “certain activities related to marijuana,” even if it is legal in their State or in their country of origin, as is the case in Canada, wrote the singer.

Mr. Young added hope to be able to ” vote according to my conscience to Donald J. Trump gold his fellow candidates – who are not yet named “.

In 2018, the singer, who was not of the democratic party, Bernie Sanders, has prevented Donald Trump from using his title “Rockin’ in the Free World ” to launch sti campaign, until the future us president does not ask his permission.

With forty studio albums to his credit, the rock legend, released in October, his last album titled ” Colorado “.

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