Soprano surrounded by Slimane, Vitaa, Black M... for a show promoting tolerance

On October 19, Soprano was putting out the fire in Agadir, Morocco, on the occasion of his carte blanche in the framework of the Concert for tolerance, which this year celebrates stis 13th edition). An event filmed by W9 and that is offered to viewers for the November 16th at 21h05.

The popular singer Soprano and his guests had landed on the 18th of October for the rehearsals of this show presented by Jérôme Anthony and Erika Moulet, from the beach of Agadir. A great concert produced by Electron Libre Productions, in partnership with 2M, and co-organized by the Association for tolerance. On stage, it will be necessary to rely on the presence of Slimane and Vitaa to defend their album of duets, Kids, United, New, Gypsies, DJ Mr ID, Richard Orlinski, DJ Michael Canitrot, Soolking as well as Awa Imani, Nora Fatehi, Artist, Dadju, Black M (Alpha Diallo), Douzi, Fnaïre, Coach Krees De Almeida and Patrick Fiori.

Among the other guests, spotted, behind the scenes, there was also the host Bernard Montiel (RFM is a partner of the concert), Yannis Chebbi or even Aziz Akhannouch (moroccan minister of Agriculture and Fisheries), Jean-Robert Reznik…

In front of 220,000 people, the artists have done live beautiful values such as respect, brotherhood and peace. “We wanted to highlight the values of sharing and of living together. This is why we thought of Soprano, that promotes these values throughout the year It is someone genuine and generous. It made sense. We then thought to associate with his friends and tried to create something that is fraternal, with duos and trios-new around of its securities“, had explained Delphine Grape, director of unit music group’s M6, on the sidelines of the concert,

Thomas Montet

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