The Keystone pipeline back in service in the United States

The Keystone pipeline, which had been closed following a leak of oil on 29 October, has been put back into service in the United States, Sunday, by the canadian company TC Energy.

The alberta company has clarified by issuing a press release that its repairs had been approved by the us authorities. In the framework of the resumption of service, the volume of crude that transits the pipeline will be less at the beginning, before being gradually increased.

About 1.45 million litres of petroleum products have passed the pipes at North Dakota, which is half of the volume contained in an olympic swimming pool. TC Energy has estimated that the area affected is equivalent to half a football field.

Teams are still on the ground in order to clean up the mess.

The pipes to be defective have been sent for laboratory analysis. The company declined to clarify the causes of this leak.

This pipeline is used to send alberta oil to refineries in Illinois and Oklahoma. It goes through Saskatchewan and Manitoba before heading south through the two States of Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

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