Twin sisters become mothers on the same day

Twin sisters have given birth on the same day Missouri, on Thursday, reported a local television station affiliated with Fox. One of them even became mother of twins.

This kind of delivery is a first for the hospital Mercy, located in Creve Coeur. Even in the family, we do not expect that Lauren and Lisa have their babies on the same day.

“Lisa told me that she was pregnant and we were overjoyed for her. And a week later, I realized that I was too!” explained Lauren Kozelichki, a new mother of baby Cooper and Vada, to KTVI.

Initially, there were ten days between their dates of birth. Purpose Lisa has begun her work, which eventually led to a caesarean section a little after one in the morning. It happened to be the day where Lauren had an appointment for his own caesarean section. They, therefore, have given birth in the same hospital on the same day.

“The worst thing is that we didn’t knew before giving birth every two! It is only after the nurses have told us that it had never happened before. Imagine two twins who give birth with the same doctor, including a twin! It’s pretty amazing,” an overjoyed Lisa Boyce, who was the little Benjamin.

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