When the canadian Army responds to Donald Trump

As we learned on Wednesday that transgender people would not be able to serve in the u. s. Army, the canadian Army has reacted in its own way, in a response that has the merit of being clear.

“Regardless of your identity, or sexual orientation, to enlist in the canadian Forces,” published the organization on its Twitter accounts (English and French on Wednesday afternoon. With his message, the canadian ministry has published a photograph of sailors playing music during the Pride parade in Toronto in 2016, as well as a hyperlink to the page of recruitment of the army. “Diversity is strength”, concluded the armed Forces.


Contacted by e-mail, the canadian armed Forces (CAF) have insisted that they do not collect data on the number of military personnel transgender people in the CAF. “In accordance with the canadian Law on the rights of the person, there is no legitimate reason related to the work that justified the collection of such information.”

In 1992, the canadian army had cancelled an order dating from 1967, which allowed him to exclude from its ranks any individual suspected of “sexual deviance”. Since this repeal, LGBT persons (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people can “proudly serving in the canadian armed forces, and this, free of harassment and discrimination,” has noted recently, the ministry of Defence. The army does not give any data on the number of transgender people in its ranks, but, according to local media, it would be a few hundred. The army would also have funded a few dozen operations of sex change.

Remember that the other side of the border, the american president Donald Trump said on Wednesday that “the United States government will not accept gold will not allow transgender people to serve in any capacity in the u. s. army”, with “the burden of the medical costs are enormous” and “the disruption that a transgender person in the army would cause” to justify his decision.



 – With the information from the AFP and Jean Balthazar

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