New Hampshire: two Quebec-saved in extremis

Two climbers from Sherbrooke had to be rescued Thursday after being blinded to the summit of mount Lafayette in New Hampshire.

Catherine Courtemanche, 24 years old, and Nathalie Beaudet, 54 years old, have been very grateful to the paramedics, indicating that they would not have survived the night of Thursday to Friday in these conditions, reported the “Boston Globe“.

The mother and daughter have called 911 at 15: 15, about year hour before sunset. They were not able to find their way due to strong winds and a “veil-optical” (whiteout, in English), a phenomenon known of the mountaineers, which translates into year inability to detect shades of color.

Before you ask for help, they had tried for an hour to find the trail to go back down, to no avail.

The two women had begun to feel the first signs of hypothermia when they were eventually traced by rescuers to 21: 30.

They were escorted to the starting point of the trail, while the snow mingled with extreme winds during the descent.

At around 23: 30, they were from check.

Yet, Catherine Courtemanche and Nathalie Beaudet are randonneuses experience. According to the “Boston Globe“, they had done a number of times this road before.

The two Sherbrooke, who had started their expedition that morning and planned to return that evening, were well dressed in the circumstances. Always according to the daily bostonnais, they did not, however, the navigation tools necessary in the case of the “white veil”.

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