Shooting in Florida: the motivations of the shooter is still unknown

He acted alone? Was he fascinated by the killings? Several questions arose, Saturday, on the motivations of the Saudi arabian, in military training in the United States that had killed the day before, three people on a naval air station in Florida.

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“We’re going to do all the light out of it,” said the us president, Donald Trump, from the gardens of the White House. “We want to know what happened, if it is one person’s gold many.”

The New York Times reports that the shooter had shown videos of a mass shooting at a party on Thursday evening, citing a person informed of the investigation.

The shooter was a member of the air force of saudi arabia. He opened fire, Friday morning, with a handgun in a classroom at the base of Pensacola, which killed three people and wounded eight others, before being shot dead by police.

Six saudi colleagues of the attacker have been interviewed after the attack according to the american media. The Washington Post states that three of them were at the scene of the shooting, and both were also filmed in its entirety. The other three, who arrived in the United States in the company of the shooter, are stationed in other training centers in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

“The motivations of the shooter are still unknown”, said on Twitter the bureau of Jacksonville, the american federal police (FBI), which investigates the sides of a unit specializing in counter-terrorism.

Videos of photo shoots

The man had posted on Twitter before his attack of hostile messages to the United States, reported the monitoring group jihadist movements SITE.

“I am against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil”, has written the assailant, identified by SITE as if calling Mohammed al-Shamrani.

According to the american media, the investigators sought to verify if the perpetrator of the attack had published these writings, in which he quoted the former leader of the network-jihadist Al-Qaeda, the Saudi Osama bin Laden.

After condemning the shooting “abominable”, Riyadh has tried Saturday to take his distances with his national.

“Like many members of the saudi army, I was trained on an american military base and we have taken advantage of this training (…) to combat terrorism and other threats, hand in hand with our american allies”, pointed out on Twitter, the prince Khaled bin Salman, deputy saudi minister of Defence.

Donald Trump, who has directly talked by phone with king Salman, said on Saturday that the saudi leaders were “very affected” by the events of the previous day.

“The king will ensure that we take care of the families and relatives” of the victims, added the american president. “I think they (the Saudis) will help very largely in the families”.

“Crucial information”

The saudi government “is found to owe a debt here, since it is one of its nationals”, said Friday the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis.

The September 11, 2001, 15 of the 19 drivers who had hijacked planes and caused the death of some 3,000 people were from saudi Arabia.

Adam Watson, older brother of Joshua Kaleb Watson, one of three people shot by the assailant, said Friday night in a poignant message on Facebook to have lived through “the worst day of (her) life”.

His brother, in training based on the past two weeks, “sacrificed his life for his country in a shootout is absurd,” he wrote. “Reached by several bullets, he managed to get out of the building to clarify for the teams of intervention, where was the shooter of the information that has been critical. He died a hero and we are more than proud of, but his death leaves in our hearts a void that will never be filled “.

Located in the north-west Florida, the naval air station Pensacola is used by the US Navy for training programs for the military of allied countries.

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