Harry Styles : His ex Camille Rowe, recasée, reveals what was “invading”

Hard to keep relationships complicit with his example Harry Styles, for example, did not become the best friend of Camille Rowe since their break-up in 2018. He even referred to this relationship in his latest opus , released last December, including in the title the Cherry – in which one can hear the voice of the beautiful actress. Purpose she really appreciated this little wink ? “It makes me want to write an album and say : ‘Here’s my version.’ In ten years, it will be funny, but, for the moment, it is especially invasive“, she explains in the columns of the magazine Paris Match.

Harry Styles and Camille Rowe have never really confirmed that they had been together. And yet, the young 34 year old woman was referred to this idyll secret with a disarming simplicity, stating that it had not been rosy for her. “Suddenly, I focused a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.” The good news is that it is largely passed on to something else. Since a year and a half, she spins the perfect love with Theo Niarchos, walking art, and grandson of Stavros Niarchos. “We’ve been friends for a long time, “she says. When I’m not working, I’m cooking, I’m walking and my guy took me to see exhibitions.” Of love and fresh water…

Call up Harry Styles in the title “Cherry”

Hello ! Are you asleep ? Oh, I’m sorry… Well, no… no, this is not important. We went to the beach… Perfect“, do you mean at the end of the title Cherry. This voice, in French in the text, it is the one of Camille Rowe. As explained by Harry Styles, he has asked his permission before mixing their voices : “I wanted it to reflect my state of mind at the time. I didn’t feel well. It does not suggest that the fact of not going well. Because you become mean-spirited when things do not go as you want. Some units are so pathetic“, he said during the promotion of the album.

Find the full interview with Camille Rowe in the magazine Paris Match, issue 3689, January 16, 2020.

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