iPhone 12 : Apple would hesitate on the design of antennas 5G

The name of The supplier of the modem 5G of the future iPhone is no longer in doubt, it will be Qualcomm. Purpose according to Fast Company, Apple always weigh the pros and cons of the antenna o how important of these models.

Two options are on the table. The first would be to adopt the antennas designed by Qualcomm (the module QTM525), except that such antennas do did not like them much to the teams in Cupertino, because of less integration.

Solution 5G full proposed by Qualcomm.

The second option would be to create internal antennas for an optimal design, but this could prove to be or perilous. Not only is there the precedent of theantenna gate of the iPhone 4, but in addition, according to a source of Fast Company, antennas, home made most recent asked two times more power than other antennas of comparable for the same performance. The design of these components was not yet a fort of Apple, but it is known that millimeter waves to 5G are particularly sensitive to the reception conditions, and thus to the antennas.

If by chance Apple was selecting the solution that appears to be the most secure, namely the antennas of Qualcomm, it would be to the detriment of fineness, according to the site. The fateful choice should not wait too long.