Jacques Martin : The legacy “very modest” that he left to his eight children

All cases of inheritance are not as complex as that which revolves around the family of Johnny Hallyday. By leaving our land, on September 14, 2007, Jacques Martin was able to define what amount would be what a member of his entourage. David, her son, a chef, has agreed to talk about the cheque which came to feed his bank account, then he just lost his dad. “It’s a lot less than you think, has he said on the set of The now Deluxe, it was Non-Stop People. Much, much less. It’s going to, on the heads of my children, because luckily, I don’t necessarily need these in there.

This was not a sum to be indecent

David Martin shared the love of gastronomy with his father. Together, they have collaborated on the collection of revenue, The small Martin of good food in 1995. The facilitator has also helped his its to finance some of its restaurants. But he had experienced love multiple times, and David, the eldest, was part of a clan, rather a result. “It was a legacy to be very modest. This was not billions of euros. A little more than 100 000 euros, he said. First, there are eight children. Therefore, a part of the inheritance of the eight, that is one thing. Money is not a taboo subject, but it was not a sum to be indecent. Enough to buy a house, and it is already a lot.” Before year estimate of the facilitator, saying that a house revolves mainly around 200 000 euros to 300 000 euros, he clarified : “A little more. A very beautiful house then !

There are stories and skirmishes

All the ingredients were there to make sharing complicated. But the family has managed the financial intricacies in beautiful harmony. Their secret ? The creation of a company called 8M – for the eight children-Martin – who manages all aspects of the heritage of the presenter. “This is what we have done smarter to try to maintain the memory of our father properly, told David Martin in the columns of’Here Paris. He had organized it very well. Everyone got what they should have. The moms also. In all families, there are stories and skirmishes. The newspapers have nourished much of the things that were not true.