The moment of truth

The hour of truth is approaching. The chinese authorities have communicated to the world health Organization the right numbers on the new coronavirus, or have they skewed these figures ? Several clues suggest that the number of victims and the mortality rate are much higher than what the chinese authorities admitted.

The real numbers could be out soon. So far, 450 people have been infected in 24 countries other than China. It is impossible to manipulate the statistics of all these countries. Will the truth come out if the epidemic is spreading everywhere, which unfortunately seems to occur. The hope now would be to slow down the spread of the virus rather than stop it, hoping that the arrival of hot weather in the northern hemisphere will come to end.

Why we believe that the chinese government hides the real figures ?

Several reasons suggest that the chinese authorities are hiding the real figures on the epidemic. Journalists reporting on the coronavirus have suddenly disappeared from the circulation. They had put online images of hospital rooms, at this point overloaded as bedridden patients, the interaction of corpses placed on the ground in body bags. The Taiwan News reported last week that a site chinese internet, Tencent, had momentarily released statistics on the epidemic, which showed that the number of infected persons was ten times higher than the official figures. Of the theoretical models of medical also result in higher results than the official figures. Finally, the chinese employees do not always have the competence or the will required to collate the figures.

Why manipulate the figures ?

Manipulating the numbers is a cultural habit for the chinese communist Party. It does so to project a good image and reassure. Junior officers are excitement also the numbers to look better in the eyes of their superiors.

How the Chinese live-they the epidemic ?

Public administration applies methods more and more absurd. The freight truck travelling in the areas to the quarantine can no longer stand. The servants must fill out supplemental paperwork that require them to remain in the office till late hours in the evening. In the villages, the officials have to perform their own medical examinations of aliens who enter into their territory, to ensure that they do not have the new coronavirus. The economic activity restarts very slowly in the major industrial areas.

The power of Xi Jinping is it threatened ?

The power of Xi Jinping has been weakened, but not threatened. Xi has mismanaged the crisis in Hong Kong. This poor management is responsible for the re-election of the government by the independence movement in Taiwan. The trade war between China and the United States is also occurred under the reign of Xi. The crisis of the novel coronavirus has opened the way for criticism of the policies hypercentralisatrices of Xi.

How the chinese government’s reaction to criticism ?

Since the fall of the USSR, the chinese communist Party proclaimed that it prevents the China from falling into chaos. Purpose public opinion tends to think that the crisis of the novel coronavirus emerged because Xi Jinping is year itself. Therefore, the communist Party comes to open up the valves of its propaganda apparatus. He hopes to change public opinion and convince them that the crisis would have been much worse without the good care of Xi and the chinese communist Party.