The United States passing punitive taxes on Airbus aircraft to 10 % to 15 %

WASHINGTON | The United States announced Friday that they were going to meet 15 % of the customs taxes imposed on the Airbus aircraft imported from Europe, from march 18, according to a press release of the us trade representative (USTR).

These taxes were 10% since last October, when the u. s. government decided to hit us $ 7.5 billion of european products tariffs punitive damages.

Les États-Unis passent les taxes punitives sur les avions Airbus de 10 % à 15 %

Originally, Washington had taken this action in retaliation against subsidies received by the aircraft manufacturer european, considered undue by the world trade Organization (WTO). Other products – including wine, cheese, coffee and olives – are taxed at 25% since October.

In Europe and the United States, the different sectors concerned are holding their breath with each new decision, in the hope that their category be removed from the list, and in the fear that the prices will not be increased.

“The industry of spirituous beverages of both sides of the Atlantic has sufficiently suffered,” responded Friday to the Distilled Spirits Council, a professional association of american.

It calls on the authorities to withdraw the tax of 25 % on whiskies american union, and those of 25 per cent on liquors imported from 5 european countries, believing that they penalize the United States economy and threaten jobs.

In October, Delta Air Lines, american company client of Airbus, had deplored these sanctions, believing that tariffs would cause ” serious harm to u. s. airlines, to the millions of Americans they employ and to travellers “.

But the american president Donald Trump also uses these taxes as an instrument of negotiation.

Les États-Unis passent les taxes punitives sur les avions Airbus de 10 % à 15 %

After months of trade war with China, to shots of tariffs as a punitive reciprocal, he said ” our strategy paid off! “when the two countries signed an agreement in mid-January.

His attention is now on Europe. Donald Trump and the president of the european Commission, and Ursula Von der Leyen, have announced at the end of January, after a meeting in Davos (Switzerland), their willingness to re-launch the site transatlantic business and conclude an agreement in the coming weeks.

But for the time being, negotiations have not been concluded, and the relations remain strained, while the host of the White House wields always the threat of taxation on imports of european cars, that shook, in particular, the industrial germans.

On Monday, he said that it was time to negotiate seriously ” a trade agreement with the european Union. He hoped that the member countries of the EU should be more open their market to u.s. products, particularly agricultural.

Recently, his administration has threatened to overtax the “up to 100 %” the equivalent of 2.4 billion worth of French products. What to bring to a simmer wine producers, but also importers american of French wine, who, in a letter to the USTR placed 11 200 78 600 job losses in the United States if those threats were put into execution.