Victoires de la musique 2020 : Clara Luciani and NLP big winners

On the other hand. After his defeat of the past year, Clara Luciani has finished by win of music from the female artist of the year, in the face of Angela , and Catherine Ringer. A beautiful ceremony that took place yesterday evening, Friday 14 February 2020. For nearly three and a half hours, with many sequences looking back on the previous editions, the Wins 2020 have seen several talented artists who sing from the Seine river musical.

The great novelty this year was a reduction of categories, as well as the “urban music” will disappear (and it is so much better). In the category album ofAlain Souchon won in the face of the Star Wandering Expansion of Nekfeu, and Jeanine de Lomepal, Vincent Delerm and Philippe Katerine. The latter has won the male artist of the year. “A month ago, I said to myself, you’re useless as a singer, it happens after thirty concerts. With this object, it will give me confidence. Thank you for that“, he said.

NLP has finally received a price for their clip to The DD, shot on the Eiffel Tower and from their city of Tarterêts. N. O. S and Ademo were – as one might expect – not present to collect their reward. The Victory of the album revelation of the year went to The Vulnerabilities, Apple. Angela has won the concert or the tour of the year, thanks to his Brol Tower.

For the complete list

Male artist of the year : Philippe Katerine

Female artist of the year : Clara Luciani

Original song : It’s going to, it comes out of Vitaa and Slimane

Creating audiovisual : SD, NLP

Album of the year : Souls in fifties, Alain Souchon

Concert : Angela (Brol Tower)

Revelation scene : Suzane

Album revelation : The flawsof Apple

Victory with honor : Maxime Le Forestier

Yesterday, the Victories of the music have put 2,41 million viewers until 00: 30, or 15.5% on the whole public. A score higher compared to that of last year, who had gathered 2,03 million curious.