Victoires de la musique 2020 : Jean-Jacques Goldman, “the return” unexpected

The Victories of the music 2020 have brought their share of surprises. Apart from the startling jacket gloves Mapa de Philippe Katerine, the largest of the evening was definitely the “return” of Jean-Jacques Goldman. Friday 14 February 2020 with the Seine Music, was ninth award was presented : a Victory of honor awarded to the singer Maxime Le Forestier for all of his career.

For the occasion, the recorded sequence of Jean-Jacques Goldman, his friend of always, has been broadcast on television. Very rare in the media as elsewhere, the immense French artist cam out briefly of his silence to pay tribute to Maxime Le Forestier. “Thank you Maxim, thank you for all these songs, which accompany our lives. But I would also like to acknowledge the excellent guitarist, I would also like to greet the iconoclast, who moved from acoustic to synth music from around the world, just by passion. I would also like to acknowledge the author-composer who has toured the world with the songs of another, and your incredible adventure Georges Brassens. So for that, thank you !“, he said.

A silence that is intensified since 2016, where Jean-Jacques Goldman has left France for the United Kingdom, where he lives away from the public attention with his wife Nathalie and their daughters. “Thanks to Jean-Jacques, because I know he is so happy hidden where it is that come out his nose to make me happy and tell me these beautiful things, it makes me really warm to the heart“, was moved by Maxime Le Forestier.

The artist of 71 years has also been produced on stage, in the company of Vianney for the recovery of his song San Francisco. Maxime Le Forestier was awarded his victory by another friend who is dear to him, Alain Souchon.