Claude (Koh-Lanta) dad sports with his son : this passion that they share

This Friday, may 22, 2020, viewers will be able to discover the continued adventures of the candidate Koh-Lanta on TF1 on the occasion of a new episode. Among the adventurers still in the running is Claude, a former hero and formidable competitor to its peers.

And while the season is still airing, Claude is already being solicited from all sides. In the beginning of the week, he granted an interview with Maud and Fred, the creators of Oufff, during a podcast. The opportunity to get back on his adventure, but this is not all. Dad for the second time since the month of January, Claude has some little bit about his family life. And, according to his confession, the sport has an important place in their daily lives.

From father to son…

In fact, fond of foot race, the one who has already participated in several trails has decided to share his passion with his older brother, Andrea. “My son, he is 5 years old, I took him running with me the last time, it was 5 kilometres. It’s going to bring him. My father was not a sportsman at all, it was a worker, it is the older generation. He stood up when he was 15 years old at 5 in the morning. I have an open mind that is different“, he stated. These moments of complicity with her son, Claude does not get tired. Quite the contrary, he is even pleased that the little boy is already an avid sports enthusiast. “I’m glad, it makes me happy. We do this once a week, and my son does it taste.

And when it does not pass the time with her first child, Claude’s mother to go, with the second one, named Marceau. In an interview for Télé Star, the adventurer revealed to have taken knowledge of the pregnancy of his wife in the best of ways. “What has been great is that I have learned on the camp the pregnancy of my wife for the little ones, Marceau, born last January. What motivate me to go get the final victory !” Very soon, viewers will see if the happy news he was actually allowed to win the competition…