Coronavirus: record daily deaths, but the epidemic remains stable in Russia

MOSCOW | Russia announced on Friday a new record for the number of dead from new coronavirus in a single day with 150 victims, the epidemic remains stable in terms of new infections.

A total of 3 249 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia, according to official figures. The country has recorded 8 894 new infections these last 24 hours for a total of 326 448 cases detected.

The situation in the largest country in the world is variable depending on the regions, with Moscow as the epicenter of the epidemic. Republic poor of the Caucasus, Dagestan is experiencing a “disaster” health which has forced the central authorities to react.

The situation, however, appears to be stabilising, new infections remaining for several days under the helm of 9000, and the countries that registered for the first time a decrease in the number of patients (-633) on Wednesday.

In total, the number of people considered as cured, amounted to 99 825, while the sick are 223 374.

Many Russian officials have been infected by the COVID-19: prime minister Mikhail Michoustine, now healed, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, several ministers and members of parliament.

Last, the leader of chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has been hospitalized in Moscow with a hint of coronavirus, according to Russian agencies.

Critics have questioned the reality of the death rate, low compared to western Europe or the United States, accusing Russia of under-evaluate the number of dead.

The authorities rejected these accusations, stating not identify, unlike in other countries, that the death of which the cause first is the coronavirus, and highlighting the results of measures taken at an early stage, and a policy of mass screening of the population.